ChatGPT for Google Chrome extension 2023

Is ChatGPT free to use?

Yes, the basic version of ChatGPT is completely free to use. It’s not free for OpenAI to continue running it, of course. Estimates are currently that OpenAI spends around $3 million per month to continue running ChatGPT, which is around $100,000 per day. Beyond the cost of the servers themselves, some egregious information has recently come out about what else has been done to train the language model against producing offensive content.

* Supports all popular search engines
* Supports official OpenAI API (GPT-3)
* Access ChatGPT from extension popup
* Markdown rendering
* Code highlights
* Dark mode
* Feedback to improve ChatGPT
* Custom trigger mode
* Copy to clipboard

ChatGPT ‘at capacity’ network error

Many people attempting to use ChatGPT recently have been getting an “at capacity” notice when trying to access the site. It’s likely behind the move to try and use unofficial paid apps, which have already flooded app stores and scammed thousands into paying for a free service.

Because of how much ChatGPT costs to run, it seems as if OpenAI has been limiting access when its servers are “at capacity.” It can take as long as a few hours to wait out, but if you’re patient, you’ll get through eventually. Of all the problems facing ChatGPT right now, this is the biggest hurdle keeping people from using it more. Demand is so high that ChatGPT has been taken offline for several hours for maintience multiple times over the past few months.