imran khan arrest Live Update | mobile services blocked near Khan’s house

If they kill me': Imran Khan's video message as cops try to arrest ex-Pak PM

Court Suspends Imran Khan's Arrest Warrants In Judge Threatening Case

Police arrive to arrest ex-PM Imran Khan

Internet, mobile services blocked near Khan’s house
Mobile signals have been blocked in the area of Lahore where Khan’s house is located.

Local TV channels have also stopped broadcasting from the area.

A PTI leader reports shelling at Imran Khan’s house, requesting everyone to stay peaceful and patient.

Several injured on both sides as Pakistani police and supporters of Imran Khan clashed on Tuesday outside the former prime minister's home in the eastern city of Lahore, a government spokesman and witnesses said.

PTI deputy chief Shah Mahmood Qureshi demanded to see the warrant for his boss' arrest; "Show me the warrant. I will first read and understand it. Then, I will speak to Imran Khan and my lawyers," he was quoted by media reports.

After hearing arguments, the court suspended the arrest warrants of Imran Khan till March 16. The court also instructed the lawyer to provide the proof regarding the withdrawal of the security of PTI's chairman.