Meet The Contestants 2023 Interior Design Masters Series

  I can provide general information about the show "Interior Design Masters."

"Interior Design Masters" is a British reality TV show where ten talented interior designers compete against each other to win a design contract with a prestigious London hotel. The show is hosted by Fearne Cotton and judged by industry experts including Michelle Ogundehin, Matthew Williamson, and Abigail Ahern.

Throughout the competition, the contestants face a series of design challenges, such as transforming a small apartment or a boutique hotel room within a limited time frame and a set budget. They are judged on their creativity, innovation, attention to detail, and ability to meet the client's brief.

The winner of each challenge is awarded a prize, and the contestant with the lowest score is eliminated each week. The final two contestants battle it out in a grand finale to determine who will win the ultimate prize, the design contract with the London hotel.

The show is a great watch for anyone interested in interior design or who enjoys reality TV competitions.