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Star Cast:

Actors: Sunny Leone, Jaideep Ahlawat, Mumtaz Sorcar, Atul Kulkarni, Shah Rukh Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Mahira Khan

Directed by: Rahul Dholakia
Producers: Gauri Khan, Farhan Akhtar, and Ritsh Sidhwani
Writers: Ashish Vashi, Harit Mehta, Niraj Shukla, and Rahul Dholakia


The fictional tale of Shah Rukh Khan's character Raees takes place in Gujarat, India, between the early 1980s and the 1990s. The movie shows how Raees became the most powerful man in the state by starting from scratch and building an entire empire with the help of his relationships and quick ascent to prominence. Raees, who is more of an impresario than a gangster, becomes well-known, develops a cult following, and most importantly, wins the public's trust by showcasing his entrepreneurial flair, unwavering commitment to his objectives, and—ironically—a golden heart. He is feared, adored, and respected due to his multifaceted character traits, which capture an unparalleled combination of personalities. Constantly anticipating the future and utilizing cutting-edge management concepts that were novel at the time but are now standards Raees removes every obstacle in the way of his students. But coming into contact with Majmudar, the stern police officer whose only motivation is to put an end to crime, will be his undoing. A turbulent fight between the two follows, which serves as a crucial turning point in the story of the movie.

The film starts off very well in the first half, setting the scene and developing Raees' character from his early years. Starting off on a positive note, Raees's otherwise Robinhood-like persona and his warped "baniya dimaag" further ensnare us. That's the annoying part; we could have enjoyed watching SRK in his gangster role without the heart of gold touch.

Review of Raees: Standout Performance

Dreamy-looking Shah Rukh Khan plays Raees. His kohl-eyed appearance fits him. In terms of the acting, he shines especially in the scenes where he loses it and expresses extreme anger. In general, he is in a much better place than with his earlier performances, like Happy New Year and Dilwale. This one will win over his fans!
The talk of the town has been Mahira Khan's casting. Sadly, she doesn't do anything particularly noteworthy in this role; any Bollywood actress could have played it well, for all we know. In certain scenes, she even makes inappropriate facial expressions.
A star, Nawazuddin Siddiqui. This man adds so much entertainment to every scene, and he is the main reason this movie is enjoyable to watch. Throughout, I loved him!

Maintaining the audience's interest is a crucial component of Raees' story, and it largely succeeds here. A Bollywood enthusiast will find the film entertaining as it deftly switches between politics, romance, and action scenes.

The dialogue is entirely in the Deewar style and is sure to raise eyebrows in most theaters. "Main Dharm Ka Dhanda Nai Karta" and "Battery Nai Bolneka" in particular will be huge hits. In the movie, "Aa raha hoon" also takes on a whole new meaning.

The film's second half becomes uninteresting lyrically due to Raees's overabundance of heroics. Furthermore, the climax is overly extended and could have been condensed.

What’s Good In This Movie: Raees is an action-packed, romantic, and dramatic film in one package. A sort of wholesome entertainer!

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