Watch Prophet Joseph (Hazrat Yousuf AS) Full Movie in Urdu/Hindi

 You're in luck if the epic story of Prophet Joseph (Yusuf) fascinates you and you want to dive headfirst into the fascinating world of this historical figure! The entire film "Prophet Joseph" is available for viewing in Urdu and Hindi, and it will take you on a remarkable cinematic adventure that is full of drama, faith, and redemption.


The cast of "Prophet Joseph" is a gifted group of actors who give the characters a genuine and nuanced sense of life. Listed below are a few of the principal actors:

Farajollah Salahshour as Prophet Joseph (Yusuf): Farajollah Salahshour portrays Prophet Joseph with grace, wisdom, and humanity in this engrossing performance.

Jacob (Ya'qub) is portrayed by Mahmoud Pak Niat as the father of Prophet Joseph. Niat's portrayal of Jacob captures the complexity of the character's journey by combining emotional depth and paternal love.

Majid Mozaffari in the role of Potiphar: Majid Mozaffari plays the part of Potiphar, the Egyptian official who is crucial to Prophet Joseph's life, with nuance and conviction.

Zuleika, played by Mohammed-Reza Sharifinia: Mohammad-Reza Sharifinia portrays Potiphar's wife Zuleika with grace and vulnerability, giving the story depth through her portrayal.

Pharaoh (Fir'aun) as portrayed by Hossein Yari: Hossein Yari conveys the authority and gravitas of Pharaoh, the ruler of Egypt, while also highlighting the difficulties and tensions that Prophet Joseph encountered while serving the kingdom.

Amin Tarokh as Benjamin (Benyamin): Amin Tarokh emphasizes the relationship between siblings through hardships by bringing warmth and nuance to the part of Benjamin, the beloved brother of Prophet Joseph.

Amin Zendegani as Reuben (Ruben): Adding depth to the film's portrayal of familial dynamics, Amin Zendegani plays Reuben, another brother of Prophet Joseph, with a mixture of loyalty and regret.

Leila Boloukat as Rachel: Leila Boloukat gives a compassionate and strong portrayal of Rachel, the wife of Jacob and mother to several of Prophet Joseph's brothers, which adds to the story's emotional depth.

These are just a handful of the gifted performers that comprise the ensemble of "Prophet Joseph," each of whom contributes their special skills to the interpretation of enduring characters from this timeless tale.

Platforms for online streaming

You can choose to watch "Prophet Joseph" with subtitles or with dubbing in Hindi or Urdu on a number of streaming services. Global film offerings on platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube are frequently varied and encompass historical and religious epics like "Prophet Joseph." To locate the preferred version, just look up the movie's title in Urdu or Hindi or peruse the foreign language section.

Centers for Religion and Culture

Religious and cultural institutions in some areas might host screenings or give access to films with religious themes, such as "Prophet Joseph." These facilities frequently act as focal points for social meetings and educational activities, providing chances for people to view the film in a group environment while encouraging conversations and introspection about its themes.

Some Advice for A Pleasurable Movie Experience 

Here are some suggestions to improve your "Prophet Joseph" viewing experience, regardless of whether you decide to watch it at a community event, on a DVD, or online:

Establish the Mood: Reduce distractions and lower the lights to create a cozy and absorbing atmosphere.
Engage with the Story: Go into the film with an open mind and a desire to discuss its themes of divine providence, faith, and resiliency.
After seeing the film, ponder its lessons and have a conversation about them with loved ones, friends, or other viewers. Exchanging perspectives and analysis can enhance your understanding of the significance of the movie.

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