Canva for Campus to Subscription Portfolio Canva Adds 2023

 What is Canva?

Canva is a user-friendly design tool that offers 15 billion designs, templates and images to help non-designers create an endless array of marketing collateral, digital images, flyers, presentations, brochures, ads, and more. It does not require special expertise to use, and it can make anyone look like a designer with its easy-to-use tools and templates.

Canva utilizes a freemium model, so anyone can use Canva, but premium features are limited to paid subscribers. Besides the new Canva for Campus, Canva offers three plans:

Canva Free: Drag-and-drop visual editor with easy customization; 250,000+ free templates and 1 million+ free photos and graphics; up to 5GB of cloud storage.

Canva Pro: Perfect for individuals and solopreneurs; unlimited access to premium content; limited to 1 person; $119.99 per year; 1TB storage.

Canva for Teams: All the features of Canva Pro but for up to 5 people; $149.90 per year for the first 5 users. Launched in August 2022.

Growth since launch

The company launched in 2013, and they have grown to more than 100 million monthly active users in more than 190 countries. They now have more than 15 billion designs, offer 100 languages and have a staff of more than 2,000.

Insider Take

There are so many things to love about this. As a freemium-based company, we’ve enjoyed watching Canva grow from its launch to what it has become today. Whether a company has one employee or 2,000, Canva makes it easy to create visually appealing, branded materials in minutes without an advanced design degree. There will always be a place for uber-talented designers who use other subscription tools for their work. But Canva has created a really incredible tool. Their expansion to Canva for Teams was a wonderful addition to their subscription portfolio, and Canva for Campus is an excellent next progression.

Takeaway for subscription companies: Slow and steady growth, and gradually adding products and services that add value to their customers’ lives, have the potential to be among the most successful companies. Utilizing a freemium model helps customers discover the value of your product before upgrading, and expanding to new revenue streams is a smart play. Not everyone will convert from a freemium user to a Pro, Teams or Campus user, but it is a great place to start.